birthday cake


We first cut the cake from height to three equal parts and cut it with a knife. Place the bottom layer on the place where we want to decorate the cake and place one third of the orange syrup on it to make it wet.


In the next step, a bit of cream on the bottom layer of the cake, and half the walnut and crushed chocolate are spread over the surface. We then cut the banana into a ring and cut half of it on the surface of the cake.

Next, place the second layer of cake carefully on the bottom of the cake, and place the little orange syrup, cream, walnut, chopped chocolate and banana on the surface of the second layer of cake.

Continue the final layer of cake on the surface of the work and make it orange with orange syrup. After that, we cover the whole cake with a list with a cream and we will cover it until all parts of the cake are covered with cream.

Now our cake is simply ready, with our taste we can decorate it with cream, fruit and ... For a simple decoration, you can put the remaining cream in a bowl and decorate the surface of the cake with finely chopped flowers.

img source : کیک تولد